My Experience Taking Edibles

My Experience Taking Edibles

Cannabis edibles are an amazing choice for intaking Cannabis, make your experience most enjoyable


For many the word alone conjures up images of chocolate brownies and tales of awkward experiences and taste. Self-regulating markets vary in labeling and serving size recommendations, concerned parents think they look too much like candy, and the government moves slowly on how to best regulate them in a legalized marketplace but this Thursday October 17th, 2019 you will be able to experience many choices in edibles. Old fashion edibles have a bad reputation of THC amounts uneven, bad taste, bad experiences. We now have a new generation of edibles and they are fantastic, they taste delicious, you pick the experience you want and cannabis amount is even!

There is a growing wave of cannabis edibles available in both legal markets and illegal markets, from infused drinks to gourmet chocolates. Whether the government has approved them or not, consumers are using them for pain relief, better sleep, anxiety and a relaxing/laughing alternative to drinking.(also less calories ladies!)

My Experience

I have developed a healthy dose of respect for cannabis edibles. I cautiously and regularly consume them, usually for my chronic pain relief, to relax after a long day, have an amazing laughter time with friends and to beat insomnia. To insure a positive experience and the desired outcomes on my body and mind, I focus on my intention, the potency levels, my surroundings, the overall effect and combination of ingredients in each product.

I hope my life lessons will increase your likelihood of a good experience with cannabis edibles should you choose to consume them.

Always decide on your intention with each time consuming edibles. I was once knocked sideways by a beautifully crafted and well-labeled infused chocolate bar. I did not pay attention to how much I was eating as I was hungry, upset, tired and distracted. These were all the wrong emotions for me to have before consuming because I find that my cannabis use tends to amplify or make me process any feelings that I have, whether good and bad, unless that is what you are looking for. Also remember everyone is effect differently, so start low and increase after 45 minutes if you haven’t reached your place yet.

Good Starting Amounts

To explain good starting amounts, I have some cannabis capsules (which can be compared to an edible in terms of how they’re absorbed) that are 30MG of THC. When I take just one I can comfortably feel its effects on my mind and body, both targeting pain and boosting creativity. A cannabis infused chocolate has each small square containing around 10 MG, so you can eat it at different times, but be careful to not eat it all cause it tastes good. I have learned to never let anyone’s jokes or surprise of my low potency preferences affect my decisions. If you are someone that regularly consumes moderate to high levels of THC with consistent comfort it’s good to remember that your preferred levels may be extremely uncomfortable for a novice consumer. To add to the potency equation, the body is a wonderland and when metabolizing THC through the liver for elimination, it converts it to an even stronger psychoactive compound, a metabolite called 11-OH-THC which may increase the euphoric and physical effects felt by varying levels. The process of conversion to this lesser known compound is much lower during inhalation which has helped me understand why the edible high feels significantly different than the euphoric high caused by smoking or vaporizing. But what does all this science-speak really mean when choosing an edible? Cannabis edibles and their potency levels are going to have varying effects for each individual depending on multiple variables.

The 1:1 Ratio

getting to know cannabis and cannabis edibles has involved a lot of math and science. For example, my preferred maximum dosage of 50MG of THC is often at a 1:1 ratio of both THC and CBD for additional calming and relaxing effects.

One final word of caution: Many edible products are delicious so it can sometimes be challenge to eat just your decided on dosage. It can feel counterintuitive to break an already small portion into four pieces and then control the urge to have one more bite or sip. Resist! That “one more bite” could be the difference between an amazing experience and an uncomfortable one.

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